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The technical skills are the foundation that every award winning software or application is built on. However, the users just do not need to understand the process involved in making them.

The Need For Empathy In Technology

Empathy is an essential non technical skill for engineers and technicians worldwide. Technical empathy highlights an important factor in the relationship between technological developers and the people that use the developed products. They are usually focused on vary parts of the same thing.


How to Install Vidmate on PC


Do you want to know how to installed Vidmate on your PC? Well, it is very easy to installed Vidmate application on your PC, where after the installation you will be able to stream all the entertainments to Download Vidmate App on your PC for free absolutely without any charges. You can watch your favorite TV shows, latest movies and videos and many other through the help of the Vidmate application. 


Generally, Vidmate was first launched for Smartphone devices. But however due to its popularity and awesome features the app also got launched for the PC versions so that the users can enjoy the free entertainment with a bigger screen. Although download Vidmate app on your PC might be easy, but you will require an Android Emulator of Bluestacks software to run the application on your devices.

Features of Vidmate app

Vidmate has lots of awesome and cool features. So check out the amazing features of Vidmate application given below:

  1. This app provides free movies, videos and TV shows with the clearest HD picture quality.
  2. Launched for PC versions to enjoy entertainments on a bigger screen.
  3. No disturbances of buffering and ads while streaming or downloading anything online.
  4. The app has provided you subtitles so that you can choose your own preferable languages for better understanding.
  5. While streaming anything online, you can also download your favorite movies and videos for enjoying offline whenever you are free without data connections.

How to Download and Installed the Vidmate application on your PC?

Follow the instructions carefully to download the Vidmate application on your PC:

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What can be utilized through IP address

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SB Game Hacker APK Download


If you are thinking of Hacking a game for your need then you should have some knowledge of hacking it and on the other hand you do need an APK to make it done. By using the SB Game Hacker APK download you can do your start the beginning part of your Game Hacking.


SB game hacker APK is amazing android APK which is used to hack popular games like Candy Crush, Temple Run, Pokemon Go and many more games. This SB game hacking app will help you to clear the missions and to clear the levels of any android game.

SB Game Hacker APK Download - Things you should know

The SB Game Hacker also have some amazing features that you can look at out below. You can enjoy all android games with this amazing app by clearing the mission, levels, skits and many more features offered in Games. You can also change the source of the game through this app which seems very funny and you can even change the editing scores of the game too. It also gives full freedom to use games for completely free and increase the speed of your device for gaming.

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Treadmills: Buy Treadmills Online UPTO 80% OFF


Are you tired of sweat and stained walls of the gym and its unhealthy environment? On an average a lot of time is being wasted while driving through traffic filled streets and pollution. Many have been fed up of paying exorbitant prices every month for gym sessions. If you are determined to have a fit body then opening a home gym can be a very good idea. Having a home gym is a great idea. Just imagine doing exercises at the comfort of your home without any disturbances.

The truth is some people prefer to exercise alone hassle free. Many people are confused as to how a set up a home gym at affordable cost. In this article we will explain you the details. Important points to be considered before starting a gym at home.

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1. Budget – This is the most important factor in setting up a home gym. It is best to set up your budget in advance. This will be helpful for you to draw a line when you need to stop spending more money. The type of amenities you wish to have in your gym and their costs should be kept in mind before finalizing the budget.

2. Atmosphere – Make sure you have a basic set up initially. You will also require a very good air conditioning in the gym. You can tailor your gym according to your personality traits so as to make you feel like your own

3. Bench – You will require a bench for undertaking barbell sets. You can opt for a second hand bench from any of the online portals. Many people prefer to purchase a new bench. While some prefer tailor made bench. Whatever the method is making sure the bench is comfortable and you are able to sit with your back erected.

4. Rack – Plans should be made to keep rack in the home gym. They are very important for chest and shoulder workouts. If you are thinking of dropping the idea of buying a rack then you should think again about it.

5. Flooring – Flooring of the home gym should be such that it can keep the equipment safe and steady. Too much of slippery flooring can damage the equipments and increasing the chances of injury. Good flooring will stop loud sounds coming out of the gym area. Commercial based foam flooring can prove to be a very good option for this. Hi flooring will last for many years and it is very affordable as well.

6. Mirrors – Mirrors are a very important part of a gym. You must have seen that all the gyms have lots of mirrors all over the walls. It will give a spacious look to the gym. You can actually see and understand the technicalities of your exercising sessions.

7. Exercising Schedules – You will be required to set an exercising schedule for you gym training sessions. If you are a fresher in this field it is recommended to hire a trainer who can help you will technicalities of the exercises.

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A lot of people complain that product developers work without having the eventual users in mind. They ignore the needs of the users.That is a very basic scenario that results because of a lack of technical empathy. Workiva defines technical empathy as the ability to understand and relate with the technical know how of some one else. It is the ability to look at the technical world through another person's eyes. Technical developers have to understand that the eventual users of their products do not work based on implementation details but would rather judge through delivery and output. Technical empathy is you knowing that the depth of your technical know how does not matter if you do not deliver the product your users want.

The process and work that goes into technical projects is important. However, all this only matters if the output is relevant to the user. If a developer has technical empathy, he or she will understand this and will pay more attention to output and value rather than the process of implementation. A developer that has technical empathy should be more focused on producing a successful product than on writing a great series of code. He or she must also make sure that their PO the value that the project will add to the eventual users. The developer must also evaluate the acceptance criteria of the tickets they are working since that will act as a guide to what they are providing to the end users. Like I said earlier, developers should come to terms with the story of the project they are working and the factors that make it important. Their focus should be on improving performance rather than the process of implementing them.
It is essential for a good developer to have technical skills but they should also work with the knowledge that these skills are there for them to deliver a good product for their users.

Technical empathy allows them to focus on a user friendly product. The emphasis is on the task at hand; be it a meeting, a code or a design. That is the yard stick for measuring true technical know how, not an emphasis on technical details. All attention should rather be on providing users with useful tools. Like I said earlier, technical empathy does not mean that technical skills are irrelevant or that developers should not be creative about what they do. These technical skills are the foundation that every award winning software or application is built on. However, the users just do not need to understand the process involved in making them.

For instance, I would like to have a personal physician that is knowledgeable in his craft and that is always looking for ways to improve on his skills. It is important for him to have a solid knowledge base in his profession. However, when it comes right down to it, all I ever really want to know is can he fix my cough and cold? Can he make my bouts of migraine go away? Can he repair my broken foot?To me, his knowledge base is just an abstraction. I don't know how he solves my health issues and frankly, I don't seem to care much. All I know is that I had a broken foot yesterday, today I'm playing soccer.

All the physician has to do is play some really nice music and tell me to relax. Then the problem is gone. That is basically what we want from developers. We want you to be courteous enough to know that we do not have your knowledge or skill set. A lot of us don't want to either. All we want is a product that does not shove all these technicalities down our throat.
The question now for every technical developer is how much he or she can communicate with a person without technical know how. Also, do you know why you have been tasked with the ticket or project you are currently working on? Can you defend the importance and value of the project when your PO is not around?

Questions like this should be answered easily by a developer with technical empathy. This will enable technical developers to come up with amazing products that will be embraced by the users. However, schools of thought are divided on the issue of technical empathy.

It was only when these products became popular that people started to find use for them. If technical empathy had been employed, these products would not have existed because there was no identifiable need for them. However, I would advice that developers take the time out to adopt an empathic approach. This is not just good for the user, it will reflect on the overall success of the project.



looking for ways to improve skills


Communicate with a person without technical know how


Project you are currently working on


Questions should be answered easily

There Is No Time For Empathy

It has been argued by people that great developers do not always work with empathy. John Carmack and Linus Torvalds have been cited as prime examples of this.

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They say that the developer does not always have to talk less and listen more. They say that there are some products that would have been considered irrelevant before they were introduced into the mainstream market.

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Focus on Project

I would advice that developers take the time out to adopt an empathic approach. This is not just good for the user, it will reflect on the overall success of the project.

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Development Of Business

The question now for every technical developer is how much he or she can communicate with a person without technical know how.

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Consuming Process

Some argue that empathy is a time consuming process that leads to the sacrifice of creative freedom and expression of technical know how. It is argued that empathy is not a skill that can be acquired. When developers have to work with technical expertise, they might and up providing sub par results.


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